About disposable socks

Comfort Socks' protective socks are proven on-the-job every day, and are specified routinely for workers in the chemical, cleanrooms, healthcare, visitor centres and other industries in which the hygiene is essential. 

Our disposable socks could be an ideal additional to your safety footwear. For employees working in higher risk environment are protective socks highly recommanded in order to avoid infections and dirt. These socks are made to be worn with shoes and are typically manufactured so that they provide comfort and protection to the foot.

The socks are with OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certificate. 


Application Areas:

A wide range of industries who use Comfort Socks' disposable socks:


Comfort Socks' disposable socks are made of:

Benefits of disposable socks

Appropriate protective apparel is crucial when working in environments that involve frequent exposure to hazardous particles and chemicals, from mold remediation to environmental clean-up.

Disposable protective socks are often convenient options for workers who have to throw out their protective apparel after a single use.

Advantages of disposable socks:


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