What are disposable socks?

Safety clothing is worn to reduce human exposure to dangerous or harmful environments. There are many different types of safety clothing and protective garments, including coveralls, footwear, gloves, pants and hoods. Comfort Socks' disposable socks could be an ideal additional to your safty footwear. They are typically use for single use by employees in an environment where hygiene is essential. Our socks are designed in a universal size that fits all.

What kind of environment needs disposable socks?

Are you an industriy wiht high hygienic requirements? Then you are right with us.

Just a few of the industries who use our disposable socks :
  • Food Industry
  • Cleanrooms
  • Children's play areas
  • Surgical rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmaceuticals

Is it possible to try on the socks?

Are you interested in our disposable socks? Then, you simply ask for our free samples.

Feel free to contact us.

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Why would I need to use disposable socks?

Disposable socks are great for any situation where washing socks is either inconvenient or impossible. For example, disposable socks are great for industries (pharmaceuticals, food industies, laboratories) where hygienic requirements are very high. With disposable socks you don't have to carry dirty socks around for example in a clean or surgical room. 


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