Comfort Socks KG offers you highly qualitative disposable socks in different material combinations. Our disposable socks are used by companies such as cleanroom industries, food production companies, Wellnes&Spa, children's play areas and pharmaceuticals. 

There are different types of disposable socks and what makes our socks so special is the high quality yarn we use. More important is that our socks are designed to fit all ages, both male and female.

  • Cotton Socks
  • These socks are suitable for wearing with shoes and protecting feet from contact with dirt. The disposable cotton socks may also proivde addtitional functions such as absorbing foot moisture, as with polypropylene socks.

    Socks  made to be worn with shoes are typically manufactured so that they provide comfort and protection to the foot by providing a barrier between the skin of the foot and the shoe. 

  • Polyamide Socks
  • Made of a soft breathable polyamide. One pair per package. Available in white in unisex sizes.

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